About the genome


Is it so deep  the silence that accompanies the way?

To recognize yourself during some moments when you are questioning the pillars of your being, is not  difficult, is suffocating.

If the loved becomes the back of the crystal, still without asking for the purity of the reflected,  it  already fits the possibility of breaking , knowing that what is going  to be broken  in multitude of pieces, is simply your soul.

Not being dramatic, it is to end up in the typical way; A look through the existence, where the weight is strong if you go on or not. Life is wonderful or a fucking shit as we plan it.

I do not give a shit for the genome, and I say to the fly of the vinegar  that it is fantastic, since his freedom indeed exists because it is not planned, which confirms us, that the more we stare at  our  asshole, the harder it will be to shit.