Because anything another day



So, here we are.

The same expositions, seeing the same, feeling the same, and dreaming the same way. It is enough every day throwing a look at what swarms through the atmosphere, to be sure of ours, and I include myself, there is no solution.


Why are we going to yield the position? According to the compendiums of the do gooding, it  is about crushing  the similar one over and above any price, passing over the dignity, the feelings, the respect, the humanity… but what a hell of a humanity, if we forget what it was.



The system teaches, the system gets fat, the system produces, the system crushes, the system says if you die of hunger , the system says if you save yourself, the system creates the rules, the system judges you, the system praises or  sinks  you. Yes the same system that the most intelligent human being that  theoretically steps on this earth, has put  at his  own disposition, to maintain  the constant  perfect  deceit .



But the most deceived are not the ones on foot,  they are those who from their own incapacity have been enslaved by their own tools of work; because they already have such dependency to make use of them to benefit from the resemblances, that also are in the full conviction of their infalibility.


Everything to the service of the common well-being.  Which? The one that makes you depend on the money which facilitates  you to buy happiness as a merchandise? The one that takes care of your health at the rate of your payments? The one that  immortalizes you when saying something different giving you his approval? The one that understands that a life has less value than a television that  sells you that? Is that the common well-being? Not man, no. That common well-being, does not stop being the argument of the money to have the power and thus to handle the politicians  who govern our lives.

Why  are we  going  to deceive any more?.


The established  is not interested in any person that questions the reasons of the established and removes the feet from the plate, because the risk is run by undressing  the lie, and consequently to give life to the equality and  the brotherhood in freedom. How  is it  going to allow that any life has the same value, when this commits  an outrage against the basic principles of the allowed  terrorism approved by the dominant oligarchy that is killing its own identity to maintain  its authority to any price.


So if you have, you worth; if you are someone, you  worth; if you have subjects, you worth; if you have resources, you worth… and if  you do not die of disgust, and  if they do not create you a justified face to  make you disappear, and if they do not label you, they mark you as an identificative label of bars and they manipulate  you as if you were a number.


Another day I will think about the positive energies, today I believe is not the day.